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    We are bringing Jillian to life this year and right into schools all over Ontario. Find out how this show could be at your school!!

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  • Why THEATRE?

    Have a quick read on why theatre classes for children is not just fun & games, but also educationally rewarding!

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    Save some $ on your tax return this year as theatre classes qualify as a 'Children's Activity Tax Credit'!

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Youth Classes

Youth Classes

No Classes this Fall – We’re Sorry!!

To Be determined Theatre Company is proud to have been offering  a variety of innovative and creative Youth Programming for ages 7-20 since 2011! We also tour Professional Theatre for Young Audiences across four provinces and this has been keeping us very busy. So busy that we cannot run our usual schedule of youth classes this year. We are SO sorry for any inconvenience and we will let you know as soon as we have some classes or camps running again in town!

Our programming inspires the use of imagination, creativity, social and leadership skills. We use fun stories, scripts and activities to allow each child to feel safe and included. We are proud to be entering our 8th year of offering youth programming!

We use theatre as a fun way of developing skills, educating and gaining confidence. The variety of programs we offer all have the students in mind which is why we do ‘process based classes’ rather than pushing towards an end result. While teaching youths there is so much to learn and so much fun to be had we don’t want to rush through any of that on the way to a ‘flashy’ show or ‘perfect’ production. We make sure each class or rehearsal is fun filled for each student!

Check out all the classes & camps we have to offer for these ages!  

For Ages 7-11

For Ages 12 & Up

Summer Camps

We are proud partners with the Free To Play program to help with any financial assistance for our programming:

“The Children’s Foundation Free to Play Program provides financial assistance for children in need so that they can participate in sports, cultural and recreational activities.  For more information about eligibility and how to apply, visit .