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Out in the Open

Advocating Acceptance this Season

Age Range: 12 & Up | Grade Range: 9 & Up  | Running Time: 60 min (incl post show exercise) | Touring: Sept 2015- June 2017

“Anti-homophobia education works towards ensuring the physical safety of every student and that each student has a safe environment in which to learn. It is a legal and moral responsibility. Homophobia fosters, condones, and turns a blind eye to violence and hate.” – Equity & Inclusive Education Resource Kit for Ontario High Schools (GSA)

Out in the Open written by critically acclaimed Canadian playwright Dave Deveau, toured to high schools on the West Coast of Canada in 2011/12 with Green Thumb Theatre, achieving rave reviews as well as 4 Jessie Richardson Awards, including Outstanding Production- TYA. This production uses humour to discuss serious subjects using teenage vernacular: homosexuality, stigma and acceptance. We have been touring this production into high schools & colleges across Ontario since September 2015 with such incredible success reaching over 5000 students, and we are so excited to continue this tour into 2017!


Out in the Open follows best friends Adam & Stephen as they head off for a weekend camping trip. Stephen hates the outdoors, getting dirty, and most of all the thought of going a day without indoor plumbing. However Adam convinces him to get out of the city and enjoy the outdoors. While lost in the forest we see how these two interact and how gender stereotypes have these two boys stuck in roles they aren’t sure they fit in. Stephen is clean cut, fashion conscious and sophisticated while Adam is laid back, sloppy and girl crazy. That is until the moment when the truth is finally revealed. One of them has a secret they have been hiding for fear of losing everything they know as ‘normal’. Both of their worlds are changed forever and the boundaries of stigma, acceptance and friendship are pushed.

Out in the Open explores the experience of having to reveal a truth about yourself that others may not understand or agree with. The idea that what you say could change things forever is terrifying, whether you are the one revealing or receiving the secret.

Post Show:

Watching a production about socially relevant and important issues is the first step, but the next step has to be to continue to talk about it! Our goal is to use theatre as a method to open dialogue in our young audiences, so to do this we finish up the production with a technique called ‘Forum Theatre’. This form of theatre was created by Augusto Boal who sought to transform audiences into active participants in the theatrical experience. After the production we highlight one particular scene of oppression from the play and audience members are encouraged to take the stage alongside the professional actors to address the oppression, attempting to change the outcome through action. The collaboration between both parties allows spectators to perform actions that are socially liberating. This method, as Boal liked to explain, seeks to transform spectators into “spect-actors” and engages audience members in fun and enlightening dialogue!

Curriculum Connections: H&PE, Safe Schools, The Arts, Social Sciences & the Humanities, Guidance & Career Education, Gender Studies

Themes: Homosexuality, Gender Stereotypes, Acceptance, Homophobia, Stigma, Ally, Labels, Betrayal


 Out in the Open Now on Tour

Theatre Group Tackling LGBT Issues in High Schools Across Ontario

Love for Theatre Spread Across Ontario

Students Bring LGBT issues ‘Out in the Open’ in Orangeville 

Raising Awareness & Acceptance in Muskoka

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* While touring TYA we’ve had the pleasure of performing for school boards across Ontario such as:

Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Upper Grand District School Board, Wellington Catholic School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, Peel District School Board, District School Board of Niagara, Simcoe District School Board, Halton District School Board, Rainbow School Board, Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board, Grand Erie District School Board, District School Board North East, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Trillium Lakelands District School Board, Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, Northeastern Catholic DSB, Thames Valley DSB, York Catholic DSB, Hamilton Wentworth DSB, Trillium Lakelands DSB, Durham District School Board