To Be Determined Theatre

About Us

We’re in our 7th season of Youth Theatre Classes, Camps, and Touring Professional Theatre for Young Audience,  and it’s SO much fun!

At To Be Determined Theatre Company we offer a variety of innovative and creative Youth Programming that allows our participants to use their imagination, hone their social and leadership skills and to learn a multitude of acting & theatre skills in a fun and inclusive setting.

We also tour professional Theatre For Young Audiences to theatres, festivals, schools, community events, libraries & museums from Ontario to the East Coast. Engaging young audiences’ with the fiction and the fantasy of their favourite stories coming to life before them is both heart warming and inspiring.

Focusing on youths, whether they are in the class or in the audience is what we do! Theatre can be an incredible medium to discuss and over come so many social topics and issues and this is why we use it in such a variety of ways. TBD Theatre sees theatre as a fun way of broadening skills, educating and working together as a team. The variety of programs and productions we offer have an accessibility built into them which is why we have such success with all ages and backgrounds.

We are proud to be a Canadian company and we utilize Canadian plays and stories in our programming and productions whenever possible. We work hard to write our own music, adapt cherished stories and build our own sets and costumes. As a result the pride & love we have for our shows shines through in every performance! We look forward to producing theatre, running classes and continuing to inspire and be inspired by all ages!