To Be Determined Theatre

About Us

We’re currently in our 9th season,  and we’re having SO MUCH FUN!

To Be Determined Theatre Company tours professional Theatre For Young Audiences to theatres, festivals, schools, community events, libraries & museums. We have experience touring into over 40 different school boards across four provinces in Canada; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Engaging young audiences with exciting literature brought to life with live music, dance, interaction and vibrant sets.

TBD Theatre Co. started in 2011 offering youth theatre classes in Acton, ON. The plan was to share our love of theatre and allow youth to use their imagination, hone their social and leadership skills and to learn a multitude of acting & theatre skills in a fun and inclusive setting. We had a blast offering camps, classes, workshops and even toured teen productions to Northern Ontario. We have had the privilege of offering our camps and workshops all over Ontario, from Sault Ste. Marie, to Aurora, to Atikokan. Youth and theatre are a great match, no matter where you are!

The company has since shifted from theatre classes into a full time touring company, taking our professional shows all across this beautiful country. Focusing on youths, whether they are in the class or in the audience is  still what we do! Theatre can be an incredible medium to discuss and over come so many social topics and issues. We use  new and cherished literature to discuss topics relevant in society as well as inspire and engage. Our 2019/20 touring season has two fantastic options for audiences of all ages.

‘The Berenstain Bears On Stage’ brings the cherished series to life this season. With 5 of the stories combined into a musical production including lives music, dance, exciting sets and costumes and so much of the charm and nostalgia of the original stories.

‘Celestial Being’ follows a young girl with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) who has trouble fitting in at school, or anywhere really. She believes she must be from outer space she is so different from everyone around her. That is until she accidentally makes a friend with a new boy at school. This friendship takes her on an unexpected journey and teaches her a new way to experience human interaction. This is when the real adventure begins!

We are proud to be a Canadian company and we utilize Canadian plays when we can, and hire local artists to create our productions. From set design, choreography, play adaptation, to direction, we all work as a team. As a result the pride & love we have for our shows shines through in every performance! We look forward to producing theatre, touring Canada, working with youth and continuing to inspire and be inspired by all ages!